July 14, France National Holiday: desserts to celebrate Bastille Day

On July 14 Bastille Day is celebrated in France: a day of national events and parades throughout the country, recalling the end of monarchic hegemony and the beginning of national unity.

On Bastille Day the whole of France celebrates with parades, ceremonies and fireworks.

Let's find out what are the typical French desserts to be prepared with Novacart molds and presentation items.


This typical French dessert is delicious for breakfast, and you can fill it with lots of ingredients: chocolate, cream, jam, and much more.

Its butter mixture is soft and fragrant, a perfect freshly baked dessert.

Serve your crossaints on an Oy tray in golden cardboard, for an elegant presentation.

Millefeuille cake

This dessert owes its name to the three layers of puff pastry that make it up, which once cooked gives the impression of forming a thin layer of a thousand leaves.

Stuffed with custard, whipped cream or jam, it is often decorated on top with a thick layer of Chantilly cream.

Soft and creamy, the millefeuille is a French dessert to be presented on a rectangular cardboard lace, like the Apollo patented by Novacart.

Galette des Rois

The French Epiphany cake is made of puff pastry, with a filling of frangipane almond cream.

It owes its name to the fact that a bean is inserted into the cake, and whoever finds it becomes the "King" of the day; for this reason, it is also decorated with a small crown.

Serve it on an Apollo Novacart doily lace, to give a touch of royalty to this dessert.


Small, colorful and delicious: macarons are sweet symbols of France.

You can find them in many pastry shops, and they are particularly appreciated not only for their round shape and their cheerful colors, but also for the variety of fillings.

Saint Honoré

A French cake par excellence, Saint Honoré is a dessert that everyone likes.

It has a puff pastry base and is surrounded by cream puffs, with a decoration of caramelized chou.

The cream of the filling is the chiboust (a custard with the addition of whipped egg whites), while at the top everything is enriched with whipped cream. A real sin of gluttony to prepare with an Ecos Novacart mold, practical and recyclable.


These delicious French cupcakes make everyone really crazy: the Eclairs are elongated cakes, made of choux pastry, and usually filled with custard.

It is possible, however, to find them with a myriad of different fillings, from chocolate to jam, always with a pleasant icing on top.

Novacart elongated Quatre Quarts and Brioches lend themselves well to the preparation of the Eclair dough.

Tarte Tatin

This delicious "upside down" cake is one of the great classics of French pastry.

The pastry base is accompanied by a layer of scented caramelized apples and sugar.

This traditional cake can be prepared with Novacart's Optima molds, to obtain a perfect round shape. 

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